Accident Report

Accident Report Tool

We’re sorry to here there has been an accident. Hopefully we can make things a bit better with an easy to use tool.

Just use the form below now.

Please REPORT any, and every accident you see on any recreational property, regardless who owns or operates it.

This is about ‘crowed sourcing a citizens solution’ to a ‘National Problem’.

Mahalo for your help,
Team Sassy


Important Notice

Your report will be immediately displayed on one or more pages. It will also be searchable.

Please try to be as accurate as possible with your report. Remember, this is only useful if the report is understandable and searchable. That’s why we have included so many selections rather than just a description.

Using many applicable keywords will help make your report easier to find. Remember, other users will be looking to find your report for specific locations when an accident happens.

The more reports on accidents occurring on public and private recreational properties made, the more statistics to provide local safety enforcement, and likely the management will be forced to fix problems before the next accident. If they do not, than the next injured party will have the evidence needed to recover damages.

Likewise, your report now may be adding to other reports on the same property. If so, once your report is filed, you may be able to strengthen your case with related Safety and Accident Reports filed here.

That’s the power of crowd sourcing..!

NOTE: That this site is monitored, so spam submissions will be removed and if we see too many spam posts, we may be forced to review posts before display. Mahalo for your understanding and cooperation.


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