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We have created this Free Safety Reporting System to provide our Members and the general public quick and easy reporting tool for users of Recreational Vehicles, ATVs, Boats, 4WD, and other toys and equipment while traveling and enjoying the great outdoors.

Recently, we found the need to create and share this powerful reporting tool, we discovered the expensive way, that regardless the price you pay, the value of your RV or other recreational equipment.

Even the value of your’s and your children’s lives, weighs merely a penny worth of thought to many operators of recreational properties and too many businesses and facilities from RV parks, hotels and Ski resorts, to stores, mechanics, doctors and even lawyers. Cite; people and companies that you may encounter in your travels, who don’t care about your safety in the least.

For us, the defining moment, the call to action to make this resource, was being stuck under a tree belonging to Thousand Trails, in South Jetty, near Florence, Oregon. The story will give you instant insight, why we took this approach to arming the RV Nation. Because we actually do care about not just our Members, but every citizen of the RV Nation.

Here’s the Problem:

  1. Many, if not most RV parks routinely claim ‘Act of Nature’ or otherwise ‘disclaim liability • for their own negligence’;
  2. Often local law enforcement is not empowered to file an accident report on private property = no record;
  3. Many on property insurance reports performed by property managers, are in no way ‘an official report’, is generally not filed with any insurance company, and you will not be given a copy = no record;
  4. As a result, there exist virtually no statistical data on the number of accidents, or how to prevent countless more preventable accidents;
  5. Lastly, many of these properties have insurance deductibles greater than $100,000.00 USD. Leading to their all too common practice of stonewalling on any claim, even those that are clearlycaused by their own negligence’.

All neatly swept under the rug nice and tidy.

What can we do?  –  Simple, put a stop at the source

Your here, because this is the first step. You can help stop this problem by filing a SAFETY REPORT IN ADVANCE any, and every potential safety hazard you see on any recreational property, regardless who owns or operates it.

Doing so, will ensure that the property owners and management WILL NOT sweep this massive ‘Nationwide Problem’ under the rug any longer.

You can help PREVENT ACCIDENTS. That’s the simple battle cry.

Please use this site to report potential hazards on any recreational public or private property.

This is about ‘crowed sourcing a citizens solution’ to a ‘National Problem’.

While this site is mobile, watch for our Mobile APPs coming soon.

Please share with your friends and family. Mahalo nui loa.



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